Catering and Hospitality, Agriculture, Horticulture


Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Culinary Arts & Hospitality offers full- and part-time courses, with additional apprenticeship and skill development courses accessible for students.


In addition, we operate a busy coffee lounge and bakery shop which serves locally-sourced produce, including beef and lamb.

All our produce is eared on the College farm with vegetables and herbs cultivated by the horticulture department.

As a result, the Blasus Restaurant has obtained the High Sheriff’s Award for its service excellence at the High Sheriff Ceremony.


Blasus Bakery Academy has been supplying bakery training for over fifty years. Equally, with one of the most significant facilities of its kind and only Bakery Academy in Wales, students can develop skills to work in the manufacturing and bakery sector.

The school has experienced staff who are qualified in all aspects of the hospitality, culinary arts, and bakery profession.

Students will gain strong links with employers which will allow them to undertake part-time employment alongside their studies.

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Above all, the hospitality industry is one of the largest trades in the UK, with a wealth of job opportunities.

These include food & drink service, hotel management, events management, restaurant management, bakers & patisserie chefs, contract catering, product development, and food manufacturing.

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As well as offering a spectrum of City and Guilds Certificates of Competence, the Agriculture department at Fronlas Farm, Newtown is a custom-built centre of excellence for our students.


Employment opportunities are extensive in agriculture with full-time, part-time and apprenticeship courses available.

Lecturers have immense knowledge of the latest developments in production systems and IT technologies, including drone technology and GPS.

Based in Newtown College, The Agriculture department operates a 350-acre working upland sheep and beef farm alongside the learning campus.

Fronlas Farm allows students to gain up-to-date practical experience that reflects the agriculture industry of Mid Wales.

What is more, it provides purpose-built classrooms as well as workshops, cattle, and sheep housing and handling facilities.

The provision offers estate skills, conservation, and diversification opportunities, making the farm an essential practical resource for all land-based students.

Completion of an agriculture course offers a range of practical alternatives including farm manager, auctioneer, feed representative, advisory officer, farming specialist, land agent, farm inspector, and, agriculture department advisor.

Alternatively, many of our students progress to Higher Education either at the College or other institutions to study agriculture-related degrees.

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Horticulture is indeed a worldwide business that compromises a range of interests including large multinational companies, smaller entrepreneurial organisations, Local authorities, and National Trusts, making horticulturists high in demand.

Equally, in this dynamic sector, we offer a range of horticulture and gardening courses.

More specifically,  it involves the commercial production of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

Also, there is a focus on the design, establishment, and maintenance of our parks, gardens, sports grounds, and managed landscapes.

Furthermore, students can develop their enterprise skills through many sales activities with our fantastic facilities of large greenhouses and a wide polytunnel that features an intriguing range of plants.

Level 1 Diploma in Practical Horticultural Skills (Part-Time)
Level 2 Customer Service (Highfield) (Part-Time)
Level 2 Diploma in Practical Horticulture/Gardening Skills (Part-Time)
Level 2 Food Hygiene/Safety (Part-Time)
Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety (Part-Time)
NVQ Level 1 Certificate in Hospitality Skills (Part-Time)
PA1 Safe Use of Pesticides PA6 Knapsack Application (Part-Time)