Numeracy – Mean, Median, Mode and Range (Part-Time: e-Learning)

Course Overview

Information is all around us. The number of students in a school, the amount of money an average citizen in a town earns, or the temperature for your holiday destination, these are numbers that are important in everyday life. But how can you take lots of information, such as the amount that all the citizens of a city earn and make it meaningful? This is where statistics such as mean, mode, median and range become a valuable tool. Using keywords such as mean, mode, median, range, average and distorted average this lesson firstly explains what mean, mode, median and range are. Before moving on to explain the differences between them and how they are utilised to analyse sets of data. In the lesson learners will cover a variety of topics including a recap on mean, mode, median and range, how to calculate each of them, distorted averages and a selection of knowledge check questions throughout the lesson. All this culminates in the learner achieving the objectives of this lesson including calculate mean, mode, median and range, compare sets of data of a suitable size, using the mean/median/mode as appropriate and using range to describe the spread within sets data.

  • Entry Requirements

    No entry requirements

  • Summary of Outcomes

    At the end of the course you will obtain a college certificate confirming you have achieved the
    module - it will also enhance your ability in numeracy and support skill development for the
    world of work.

  • Course Modules

    Calculate mean, mode, median and range.
    Compare sets of data of a suitable size.
    Using the mean/median/mode as appropriate.
    Using range to describe the spread within sets of data

  • Method of Assessment

    Online test

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Locations across wales or in-house at your business

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£0 – funding available, subject to eligibility