Multiply: Numeracy – Area (Part-Time: e-Learning)

Course Overview

This lesson describes how to calculate the area of different areas and shapes including squares, rectangles, triangles and circles using specific values and methods.

The ability to calculate the area of something has significant importance in the real world. The use of area has many practical applications in various industries including construction, farming, architecture and science. Calculating area can also be used in everyday life for example when laying new carpet in a room. You would need to calculate the area of that room to determine how much carpet is required. This lesson focuses on calculating the area of various shapes including squares, rectangles and circles. Students can move through this easy to navigate subject and gain the confidence to further their learning.

Using explained calculations, topics tackled within this lesson are amounts or sizes, scales or proportion, handling statistics and using formulas. Participants have the opportunity to learn and truly understand keywords such as area, shape, value and calculation.


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