Advanced Safeguarding – Managers Responsibilities (Part-Time)

Course Overview

The training provides learners with an advanced level of knowledge of safeguarding issues, thereby helping you develop the ability to act on concerns about the safety and welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

All staff working in schools/childcare settings should access training to ensure they are able to fulfil their role and responsibility to safeguard children.

  • Entry Requirements

    None. These qualifications are intended for learners over the age of 18 years in a wide range of settings, including other work-based and community settings.

  • Summary of Outcomes

    Achieving this qualification should increase learners’ confidence and motivation, and the skills they gain will be valuable in further learning, work and life in general. Part-time learning can enhance your current job prospects or kick-start a brand new career. You’ll be able to gain new skills and qualifications that local employers need to help you progress.

  • Course Modules

    • To understand your own role in relation to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse and neglect

    • To be able to recognise different types of harm, abuse and neglect

    • To know how to respond to and record disclosure

  • Method of Assessment

    Assessment is via active participation in class discussions.

  • Additional Costs



Locations across wales or in-house at your business

Course length

1 year