NPTC Group of Colleges Spearhead Innovative Workshop to Support the Retrofit Sector

The Welsh Retrofit sector is a key component of the nation’s sustainable development plan. However, it currently faces a significant shortage of skilled workers and contractors capable of managing the increasing volume of retrofit projects. This gap has been amplified by the surge in demand for quality retrofitting services, fuelled by government-funded initiatives and the pressing need for energy-efficient solutions.

NPTC Group of Colleges AND NetRet‘s Proactive Approach:

Understanding the critical nature of this challenge, NPTC Group of Colleges and NetRet Group have proactively partnered to create a solution. Collaborating with Welsh social landlords, they providing workshops tailored to update contractors on the opportunities and requirements for gaining retrofit work, especially in insulation.

The Workshops: Empowering Contractors for PAS 2030 Certification:

A key feature of this initiative is a series of 1-hour online workshops. These sessions are designed to equip contractors with essential knowledge for PAS 2030 certification. This certification is vital for contractors aiming to partake in retrofit projects, particularly those governed by social landlords in Wales.
The workshops aim to clarify the standards of PAS 2030 and TrustMark, ensuring contractors meet the high-quality standards expected in social landlord contracts. They focus on both practical aspects, guiding contractors on effective project management and strategies to successfully bid for funded work.

Future Vision: Building a Skilled Retrofit Community:

NPTC Group of Colleges and NetRet Group are not only addressing current workforce needs but are also invested in the future. Their goal is to establish a sustainable pool of skilled professionals who can adapt to the evolving demands of the retrofit sector. This initiative is more than a temporary solution; it aims to foster a resilient, skilled community to lead the Welsh Retrofit sector onwards. The focus being on training support for the NVQs required to evidence vocational competence in sector.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Sustainable Development:

This collaborative effort by NPTC Group of Colleges and NetRet Group showcases their dedication to the Welsh Retrofit sector. By tackling the skills shortage head-on, they are playing a crucial role in ensuring that Wales not only meets its climate emergency objectives but also promotes economic growth and community development. This initiative stands as a model of proactive response and strategic planning, poised to make a significant impact in the realm of sustainable energy and construction.

Kathryn Dunstan, Director of Partnerships for NPTC Group of Colleges said “We are delighted to be working alongside NetRet to deliver the skills and training required for retrofit projects across Wales. These skills will be vital to ensure installers meet the demand for energy efficiency in our homes as we work towards Net Zero and to ensure we do so in a way that delivers quality and assurance to homeowners and residents.


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