New Project Development Relevant to the Manufacturing Industry – Growth of NPTC Group of Colleges Drone Academy

The College has been working on a new project with some key partners to deliver drone training. It started with a pilot project in conjunction with ECITB to develop new courses that are in demand by the sector as part of the Drone Academy.

The use of drones in industry, safety, search and rescue is well established, and given the high level of heavy industry in Wales, like steel, nuclear, refineries, wind turbines as well as the emerging Global Rail Centre of Excellence (GCRE), the growth of NPTC Group of Colleges Drone Academy is in greater demand by the manufacturing sector.  The innovative solutions drones provide to a wide range of problems is often a key to unlocking growth potential at a lower cost.

Drone technology provides the answer to so many potential solutions in manufacturing. The  images captured by a drone can really be effective, the sophisticated technology can allow access to places that individuals cannot reach, including hazardous environments, but that is not where the use of drones ends for the sector.  Anything from pipeline inspections, asset monitoring and temperature checks can be delivered using drone technology. Moving parts from one area to another, inventory checks, barcode scanning – these are all programmable. The use of drone technology can provide support in smart manufacturing and the College is ready to support any business when they are ready to take that step.

‘It really is about doing what we can to anticipate the future skills needs of the sector and making sure we are there when our businesses need so that we can provide the best quality provision available. Our growing links with the sector and these open discussions with employers allows us to truly understand the future of their business and support them with the challenges they face.’

Jayne explains: ‘I hope this new membership with Manufacturing Wales is like the stars aligning together.  The College, the sector specialist training partners, the awarding organisations, and a great network of employers via Manufacturing Wales – all together – really making a difference in Wales and having the joint aim of strengthening our economy for the now and also the future generations.’

Heather Anstey-Myers CEO of Manufacturing Wales said “ The new Drone Academy  just demonstrates perfectly why working together with NPTC Group of Colleges and joining ideas is so good for improving the capability and capacity for Manufacturers. Working to improve our future needs and skills is why this partnership works so well.”


– Jayne Jones