Multiply: Numeracy – Rounding and Estimating (Part-Time: e-Learning)

Course Overview

This lesson will enable you to estimate calculations accurately.

Rounding and estimating is a way of making numbers easier to work with. Rounding can be used when an exact number isn’t needed and an approximate answer will do. Estimating can be used when we don’t need to know exactly how many numbers there are. Essentially an estimate is really an educated guess, in other words, a guess that’s based on some prior knowledge or facts.

This lesson examines how to use numerical data and information to estimate amounts and proportions. It will also examine how to use rounding to estimate the answers to calculations. With the use of keywords such as estimate, approximate, accuracy, rounding and magnitude to address the topic of rounding and estimating. A variety of topics are covered in this lesson including estimate, accuracy, approximate, rounding, round variations, degrees of accuracy, converting between scales, estimating subtraction, perimeter, multiplication and division. Taking advantage of knowledge check questions and a short assessment at the end. Learners are sure to further develop their understanding of rounding and estimating with this lesson.


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