Multiply: Numeracy – Place Value (Part-Time: e-Learning)

Course Overview

This lesson will enable you to calculate place values and large numbers. It will also teach you to write large numbers as decimals.

The most common everyday use for place value is when handling money. Place value is the idea that each digit in a number represents certain amount, depending on the position that it occupies. For example, the number 465 means the digit 4 represents 400, the 6 represents 60 and the digital 5 just represents 5. This lesson focuses on providing learners with the ability to read and understand numbers presented in different ways. With the use of keywords like place value, large numbers, decimals and ordering this lesson will present the use of data and information to carry out calculations to do with place value, large numbers and writing large numbers as decimals.

Learners will benefit from knowledge check questions and carefully designed activities throughout the lesson. This will help fortify the learning presented in the topics in this lesson. At the end of this lesson a small assessment will give learners the confidence that they have absorbed the learning material to further their learning.


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