Multiply: Numeracy – Perimeter (Part-Time: e-Learning)

Course Overview

By the end of this lesson you will be able to calculate the perimeter of various shapes and sizes.

We often find the perimeter when putting up Christmas lights around the house or fencing the backyard garden. Other examples include finding the tidal length of the boundary of a football field or the length of a ribbon required to cover the border of a table mat. This lesson is designed to show learners how to carry out calculations to do with amounts or sizes, scales or proportion, handling statistics and using formulas. With the objective of this lesson to give learners the skills to calculate perimeter of various shapes. Key words like perimeter, distance, circumference, outer edge and boundary help to reinforce that learning.

Topics covered within this lesson include firstly a recap on perimeter before looking at finding missing values, complex perimeter shapes, perimeter calculations and perimeter of a circle. Before finishing the lesson with a brief assessment to help emphasis the material in this lesson.


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