Level 3 Advanced Skills in Welding C&G (Part-Time: Evening)

Course Overview

This Advanced Level 3 Welding Course is designed for individuals who have completed a Level 2 or equivalent welding course and have gained experience in their chosen welding process, either MIG, TIG, or MMA.

The course offers a specialisation in either Pipework or Platework, and focuses on welding in positions from 1G to 6G.

Throughout the course, students will gain advanced knowledge of their chosen welding process and will learn how to work with more complex materials and projects.

The course is taught in a workshop environment, providing students with the opportunity to practice their skills and develop their technique under the supervision of an experienced tutor.

The course will cover advanced welding techniques, including pipe welding and plate welding in positions from 1G to 6G.

Students will also learn how to read and interpret technical drawings and welding symbols.

  • Entry Requirements

    Advanced knowelgde and experience in Welding and a Level 2 certificate in Welding

  • Method of Assessment

    Completed welded joints and an oral questioning examination

  • Additional Costs

    There is a £90 Materials fee. Workshop PPE such as: Fire retardant overalls, safety boots, glasses etc


Locations across wales or in-house at your business

Course length



£0 – funding available, subject to eligibility