Fire Marshal Training (Part-Time)

Course Overview

This course is beneficial to current Fire Marshals or those who wish to become Fire Marshals. This course looks at the dangers associated and practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control fire risks.

Upon completion of this course, individuals will be able to understand the nature of fire, basic risk assessment techniques as required by law, control measures and emergency procedures within their workplace.

  • Entry Requirements


  • Summary of Outcomes

    Successful delegates will gain increased employability in health & safety sectors and roles.

  • Course Modules

    This course covers:
    • Fire safety and the law
    • Basic anatomy of fire
    • Causes of fire
    • Prevention of fires
    • Design / fire safety provisions
    • Fire evacuation
    • Use of fire extinguishers
    • The role of the fire warden

  • Method of Assessment

    Practical Demonstration


Locations across wales or in-house at your business

Course length



£0 – funding available, subject to eligibility