ABBE Level 3 Domestic On-Construction Energy Assessment (Part-Time: eLearning)

Course Overview

The ABBE-approved qualification course provides a great route into the world of New Build energy assessment. Whether you are an architect, builder, or someone who is interested in a new career in energy assessment.

Elmhurst Energy’s course is delivered at a pace to suit all individuals and ensures those who attend leave feeling confident about putting what they’ve learned into practice.

This course is 4 days plus additional independent time working on assessment portfolio.

Course content includes:
• Introduction to Energy Rating and SAP
• The ABBE Qualification
• Portfolio Build and Examination Arrangements
• Professional Skills Feedback
• Domestic Construction Skills Feedback
• Introduction to Building Regulations
• Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Power
• Measurement Requirements of SAP
• Measurement Exercise
• Domestic Heating and Hot Water Systems
• Low and Zero Carbon Technologies in SAP
• Introduction to Energy Rating, Building Regulations and SAP
• An introduction to Design SAP 2012
• Data entry into Elmhurst’s Design SAP software
• U-value Calculator Use and Reporting
• Building Control Outputs and EPC production
• The future of Part L and SAP
• The Competency Assessment Process
• A look at Quality Assurance Auditing
• Practical SAP 2012 Workshops
• Q&A session

  • Entry Requirements

    Individuals must be 18 years old or above.

  • Summary of Outcomes

    Structural Engineer, OCDEA’s, Air-pressure testers, trainers, Architects etc.

  • Course Modules

    This covers the skills required and SAP methodology to enable the candidate to become an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor.

    Following the course, the delegate is required to complete a portfolio of work including Centre devised test cases to meet the requirements of the ABBE OCDEA qualification.

    Upon successful completion of the assessment portfolio individuals are classed as qualified. Once qualified you are eligible to join Elmhurst’s government approved accreditation scheme free of charge.

    Unlike some other independent training providers, members who go on to join Elmhurst’s DEA accreditation scheme are fully supported long after the course is finished- we won’t leave you feeling high and dry.

    Only individuals who are registered with an accreditation scheme are able to produce legally valid EPCs.

  • Method of Assessment



Locations across wales or in-house at your business

Course length



£0 – funding available, subject to eligibility